This 4-Minute Daily Workout can Improve Your Mood and Your Health

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Dieting Isn’t the Only Way to Lose Weight

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably been looking for the best ways to lose weight. Don’t be ashamed by it – we’re all looking for easy and effective ways of slimming down. Although most experts recommend the diet-exercise combo, there’s a new concept trending right now that works much better.

Know what’s best? It will take only 4 minutes of your time. Repeating the four-minute program we have for you today several times per day will help you slim down while also improving your health on many levels.

The revolutionary inventor of the Nitric Oxide Dump program is Dr. Zach Bush. Dr. Bush is an expert in metabolism, endocrinology, and internal medicine. His program is pretty hot right now and has already helped many people lose weight without any consequences.

The workout “uses” nitric oxide to boost muscle growth and bust the excess fat away. You can repeat it 3 or more times per day with two-hour breaks in between. The break interval isn’t by accident. That’s how much time your body needs to synthesize nitric oxide it should release later.

Nitric Oxide Dump

The revolutionary weight loss workout is actually a version of a HIIT program. It stimulates the body to release nitric oxide, a gas, and free radical that is stored in the endothelium of your blood vessels. Free radicals are dangerous as you probably already know, but destroying them all with a high dose of antioxidants isn’t the best solution. As it turns out, our body needs a small portion of free radicals, especially nitric oxide.

The gas dilates our blood vessels and lowers our blood pressure. It also plays an important role in our immune system, thins our blood, and prevents blood clots.

How Does it Work?

Let’s say you go for a jog – as soon as you run out of oxygen, the body releases nitric oxide in order to dilate the blood vessels and help the blood deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. That’s the mechanism behind muscle growth.

However, our blood vessels store about a minute-and-a-half worth of nitric oxide before there’s a need for more. This is why 90-second workouts for each muscle group are most effective for muscle growth.

During the four minutes of the Nitric Oxide Dump workout, the body will release higher amounts of the gas, which will “feed” your muscles and help them grow. By lasting for only 4 minutes, the workout can be performed several times per day and anywhere – you can do it safely at home or in your office while on lunch break.

Efficient Workout Strategy

The short workout maximizes the opportunities for muscle growth. It doesn’t require any equipment, but you can include weights if you want. You just need to focus on the form of the exercises and your speed. It’s a new fitness level you won’t get anywhere else.

You need to start with 3 sets (10 repetitions each), then gradually increase the set count day by day. Just remember one thing – DON’T BREATHE THROUGH YOUR MOUTH! Breathe through your nose and you should be fine.

Here are the exercises that work best for this workout:


Not only will they make your butt look great, but squats have an array of benefits and work on several major muscle groups at once. Keep your feet at shoulder-width apart and do shallow movements if your back hurts. Do 10 squats as fast as you can – it’s OK if you run out of air.

If you’re suffering from knee problems, place your back against a wall. Make sure to engage your quads as well and go for 3 sets even if you’re a beginner.

Tin Soldier

The tin soldier exercise will work on your triceps and deltoids. Just swing your arms at a 90-degree angle to engage your deltoids and triceps at the same time. The exercise will work on your waist and shoulders as well if you learn how to do it right.

Stand upright with your arms at the sides, then raise one of them at 90 degrees in front of you and drop it back down to the side. Alternate between your hands, repeating the tin soldier exercise 10 times per side and set.

Snow Angels

The snow angel exercise is actually a jumping jack without the jump. It will work on your deltoids, rotator cuffs, traps, and lats as well. Pay attention to the form and don’t get sloppy. Do 10 repetitions as fast as you can, relax for 10 seconds, then go again. Three sets, remember?

Military Press

The military press exercise, also known as an invisible pull-up, will work on your neck, traps, triceps, and deltoids all at the same time. Just raise your fists above your shoulders to either side of your head with your elbows bent, extend your arms over your head, then make 10 repetitions per set in a total of three.

That’s it – the first set is done! Now, repeat all four exercises two more times. In the end, take a break and allow your body to regroup, both mentally and physically. Continue with the workout every day and the results will be noticeable sooner than you can imagine.

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