This May Just Be The Next Big Craze In Wellness

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ALPACA yoga classes just might be the next big wellness craze. You can’t deny that an alpaca is an adorable creature. Imagine being able to do some stretching with them around for company? They don’t bite, and they don’t bother! They say that they are some of the calmest and nicest animals that you could spend your time with. That’s the whole, point of course – that they are so calm it only adds to the peaceful ambiance, enhancing your yoga experience.

This May Just Be The Next Big Craze In Wellness

Nick and Lucy Aylett

A lovely British couple, Nick and Lucy Aylett, are the one’s responsible for thinking up, and providing everyone with this wonderful opportunity. They are the first people in the UK to offer such classes. They run the yoga classes right on their alpaca farm called Rosebud Alpacas, which can be found in South Molton, Devon. They even offer other services like art and meditation sessions with the alpaca herd.

This May Just Be The Next Big Craze In Wellness

There is no busyness and distracting noise here because this little farm of theirs is located on a remote small holding along the rolling countryside in Britain. It is hailed by the owners as the perfect location for calming activities. Combine that with the tranquility of the animals and you can see why providing recreational classes at the farm are a perfect fit.

Lucy says:

“They’re very relaxed so it just adds to the feeling of relaxation. In our location, there isn’t much going on, if you’re meditating you don’t hear all the traffic, it’s all very peaceful and the alpacas add to that. The alpacas have a very calming presence very much like horses. Being around them we felt very stress-free.”

The couple said that since the moment they started working with the alpacas, they found that time just flew by, and they felt so free and happy. They wanted to share that feeling with the world. You can’t help but go away feeling calm and at ease. It is a completely uplifting experience being around the alpacas. That is why the classes are such a unique experience which are great for mind, body and soul.

This May Just Be The Next Big Craze In Wellness

The farm is their home. It is special place and they feel the need to share that with others because they really love people and they know that everyone will enjoy the place as much as they do. Each yoga session is led by qualified instructor, Sian Bartlett, and light refreshments are provided after each class.

Nick added:

‘It’s a place where people can come to escape and take time out from technology and their busy lives. It’s a chance to spend time connecting with the land, the animals and each other. Our dream is for this place also to be a sanctuary for people to come and feel at home as well.’

This May Just Be The Next Big Craze In Wellness

Yoga isn’t the only thing you can do at the farm. They also offer alpaca walking, alpaca picnics, alpaca art sessions and a special ‘alpaca connection’ package. The ‘alpaca connection’ session is where guests are guided in meditations and have the opportunity to ‘walk amongst the herd in mindful observation’.

On a final note, Nick and Lucy wanted to make sure everyone understands that their animals are “raised ethically with freedom of choice, their welfare being paramount”. Nothing is more important to them than the well-being of their animals, and the happiness of the people who come to share the experience of being with their alpacas, together.

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