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In this article we are going to explore the 10 Best Natural Remedies books that are available today. If you are looking for quick recommendation then we suggest checking The Lost Book of Remedies by Dr. Nicole Apelian and The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies by Dr. John Herzog. Having said that you can continue checking the full list with the best natural remedies books.

We often get amazed by nature’s power to heal and cure many issues that we find hard to. However, all it demands is the correct usage of multiple natural elements. These elements can be anything from natural oils to herbs, and from some organic spices to multiple plants. In other words, we call these solutions as the natural remedies for the cure. 

There are hundreds and thousands of web results available that have unlimited home remedies for skin, health, or hair issues. However, the only biggest issue is which one to trust?

As the majority of us have little or no knowledge about the ways to use a specific natural product or its benefits; therefore, we must remain conscious about it. The reason is any remedy that is not good for you can do more damage than you can even imagine. However, the question remains the same, which one to try? 

Well, the only solution to this query is hidden in this article. We have listed the Top 10 Best natural remedies books that are filled with information on natural remedies, health and longevity. Most importantly, these books are written by people who have devoted their lives in research and knowledge and that are not following the mainstream narrative, regarding health.

Best Natural Remedies Books

Following is a list of natural remedies books that are considered as the best ones in their category and are written by people who are not bowed to the mainstream way of treating diseases.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

Best Natural Remedies Books - The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies
The lost books of herbal remedies cover

The Lost book of herbal remedies is a book that has many important and interesting facts. The book is a perfect guide for people who want to identify different plants to treat their health and body issues. These issues can be any from illness to some medical conditions, and from bumps to bruises.

If we call it a survival guide with multiple natural remedies, then nothing can describe it better than this. It encapsulated multiple plants from different parts of the earth. In addition to this, this book has all the remedies that are tested safe and natural to use, and have no side effects also. 

If you are in search of a book that has all the natural remedies that are very useful, too, then nothing can compare to this guide. We wrote an in-depth review of this book if you would like to learn more about it.

👉 You can get this book from its official website.

The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies

TOP 10 Best Natural Remedies Books

The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies is written by doctor John Herzog and is the masterpiece of his many years of struggle. It is a comprehensive book that has multiple home remedies that are proven to keep a person strong and healthy in many ways.

Being an orthopedic doctor, the author was very determined to provide a list of remedies and useful ways to people that can keep them out of the emergency rooms in the hospital. Dr. John Herzog, through his book is revealing many unknown to the vast majority of people remedies that have changed his life and his vision.

He is sharing all of these details in the book, along with the benefits of applying those remedies to him and to his patients. 

It is a great book to deal with multiple health issues, especially the ones related to muscles and joints.

👉 You can get this book from it’s official website.

Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine

TOP 10 Best Natural Remedies Books

You may get surprised after reading the name because the encyclopedia, in our terms, refers to such a book that covers hundreds of facts and figures. The reason behind giving this book the title of the encyclopedia is because it has more than 550 herbs and remedies that are very beneficial to use and that have no side effects as well.

These remedies have the power to cure around 200 ailments. Isn’t this amazing? This book encompasses the ways to heal people from remedies that have the world’s oldest herbs and elements. In addition to this, the remedies are proven to work for almost everyone.

👉 You can get the Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine from Amazon on Kindle and Hardcover formats.

Herbal antivirals

TOP 10 Best Natural Remedies Books

Herbal antivirals is a book that has multiple natural remedies for viral infections. Usually, all we talk about is common issues like cold, flu, and skin sores but very little focus on the significant issues like viral infections.

Stephen Jarrod Buhner – the book’s author – has chosen this subject to make people aware that natural remedies have the power to cure not only some basic health issues but also viral infections.

However, all it requires is the right consumption of these products and in the right amount. If you are in desperate need of some proven facts and figures about viral infections and its natural treatments, then this book is the ultimate guide for you.

👉 You can get this book from Amazon on Kindle and Paperback formats.

Prescription for Nutritional Healing

TOP 10 Best Natural Remedies Books

The book Prescription for Nutritional Healing is the number one selling guide when it comes to natural remedies. It has multiple editions, and the best thing about this is, it reveals multiple details about vitamins, therapies, and many more

It means you can get a lot of knowledge about multiple things that have a direct impact on our health upon consumption. For instance, one of the topics in the book covers how omega-3 can help people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

It includes all the details about an Alzheimer patient and the food items that can do wonders for such a patient. It has multiple topics like this, which are very helpful for the readers. 

👉 You can get the Prescription for Nutritional Healing from Amazon on Paperback format.

The green witch

TOP 10 Best Natural Remedies Books

If we say that the Green Witch is a guide that covers “nature’s magic,” then it is no wrong. This book is all filled with practical, natural, and organic recipes that have the most amazing herbal blends. In addition to this, it covers the benefits of multiple essential oils that include healing and relaxing properties.

The author has jotted down the powerful natural remedies that make a person draws energy from the universe and store it to get the most amazing benefits. The author has a deep respect for every living creature. 

👉 You can get the Green Witch from Amazon, on Kindle, Audiobook, Hardcover or Audio CD

The Lost Ways 2

The Lost Ways 2 Review

The Lost Ways 2 is a book that encapsulates the fact that a lost superfood is enough for a person, and he will not experience food shortage after having it. But what is a superfood? Well, it’s a mystery dish that is rediscovered by NASA and is given to the people who are in the long space missions. You must be surprised by knowing about multiple hidden facts about this superfood in the book.

This book is equally beneficial for readers as well as interesting to read. It not only covers one food but you’ll find a huge list of natural made foods and recipes that our ancestors where using to survive.

If you are a person who is fed-up with some typical natural remedies kind of stuff, then this amazing yet interesting book is a perfect fit for you in every way.

👉 You can get the Lost Ways 2 from it’s official website.

Alkaline herbal medicine

TOP 10 Best Natural Remedies Books

The alkaline word in the title of the book indicates that it covers multiple aspects of an alkaline diet. The author believes that there must be a natural order in life along with the right conditions so that the body stays healthy.

But how can someone be aware of those conditions? The answer to this question is DNA. All of these conditions are already programmed in the DNA. For keeping it healthy, a person must structure its diet to be centered on natural alkaline plant foods along with healthy habits – for example, sun exposure.

👉 You can get the Alkaline Herbal Medicine book from Amazon, on Kindle, Paperback or Spiral-bound format.

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The modern herbal dispensatory

TOP 10 Best Natural Remedies Books

This book is based on a list of easy to follow instructions for making more than 200 herbal medicines by staying at home. The author is keenly focused on making people aware of the benefits of herbal products, and his research includes multiple oils, herbs, glycerin, and much more.

The Modern Herbal Dispensatory is a book that is a motivation for people who want to spend a healthy life but are afraid to visit multiple places in search of herbal treatments. Buying it will help you become your own doctor in the most amazing way. 

👉 You can get the Modern Herbal Dispensatory from Amazon, on Kindle, Audiobook, Hardcover or Audio CD

Cure Yourself

TOP 10 Best Natural Remedies Books

This book with the simple title ” Cure Yourself” is written by Vaishali Parekh – an Indian mystique that studied extensively the secrets of Indian cuisine and herbal remedies. As the name of the book implies, it is written for making people aware that they can cure them with some simple home remedies and food items.

Also, this book promotes natural remedies over medications. The author is keenly focused on making people aware of the importance of their health, and hence is giving all the required information about natural remedies that have no side effects.

The book has multiple sections that cover all the details about common diseases, their corresponding natural remedies, and food items. In addition to this, you will find multiple remedies along with images to keep you healthy in every way. 

👉 You can get this book from it’s official website.


The above collection of the best natural remedies books will help you ”disconnect” from the mainstream narrative and medicine. Mainstream medicine is proven to value profit more than human health. The mainstream medicine approach is causing more harm than good in many cases. If you want to take your health into your own hands and heal yourself naturally, this collection of the best natural remedies books will help you achieve it.

Finally, if you think this article recommending the best natural remedies books is something worth sharing, please do. It means a lot to us.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

Dr. Nicole Apelian

You’ll find 800+ beneficial plants and remedies in “The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies”. It includes recipes of tinctures, teas, decoctions, essential oils, syrups, salves, poultices, infusions and many other natural remedies that our grandparents used for centuries. What’s also special about this book is that it has between 2 and 4 high definition, color pictures for each plant and detailed identification guidelines to make sure you’ve got the right plant.

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