Two Whales Wash Up Dead on a Coast in Germany Due to Plastic Waste in Their Stomach

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Plastic pollution is killing the environment faster than most people think. It’s in the earth and oceans, destroying whole ecosystems while we continue adding fuel to the fire. Not long ago, two sperm whales washed up dead on the North Sea shore and scientist were immediately called to examine them. The autopsy revealed some shocking findings.

A national sea park from Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) reported that the stomachs of both adult whales were full of plastic, including car pieces, barrels, and a fishing net. It’s probably what killed these poor gentle giants and another sign that plastic pollution is far more dangerous than we think. We’re throwing away too much plastic and it’s polluting the oceans, resulting in these bizarre deaths.

What Did the Autopsy Find?

The findings are indicative of our dependence on plastic. There’s just too much plastic waste in the oceans, destroying ecosystems and killing thousands of marine animals. The larger pieces can block and pierce the gut, but it’s the smaller ones doing the most damage. They can make an animal suffer and starve, and no soul should experience that.

Unfortunately, this is not the first case of whales dying from plastic pollution. In 2011, a young whale washed up dead on the shores of Mykonos, Greece, and the autopsy revealed the same as in the latest case. His stomach was full of plastic waste, with more than 100 plastic bags found within.

National Geographic reported that the whales died from heart failure when they ran into the shallow waters. They couldn’t support their own weight and that was what killed them in the end. Sperm whales usually migrate from tropical climates to colder waters while searching for squid at depths of 1,000+ m.

Danny Groves from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation project says that the discovery of plastic in the whales’ stomachs is disgusting and concerning. We are throwing too much plastic nowadays, with more than 80% of it ending up in oceans. With so much waste in the water, it’s inevitable for some animals to consume it, which eventually kills them.

Ocean pollution should be everyone’s top concern, yet we all ignore it, unaware of the consequences it can bring. Recycle people, before it’s too late to save mother Earth.

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