Unethical Dental Practices

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In this article, we are revealing some unethical dental practices used by (not all) some dentists worldwide. If you want to protect your health, then you must first learn to understand the people surrounding you – in that case, your dentist as well.

There are many unethical things and scams that can be performed by a dentist. These types of scams are not exactly the ones associated with dental insurance scams, however, these types are quite common. Here, I am referring to unethical business methods carried out by a dentist which might result in the patient pathing away with their money.

Unethical Dental Practices

Hard Selling

Hard selling is one of the most common and unethical methods they use.

These statements will definitely sound familiar.

”Your teeth will decay to a point in the future if you do not have it filled if not, you will need a painful, expensive root canal treatment.”


“Your wisdom tooth will need to be extracted. If this is not done, it will impact the other teeth which in turn will cost you more. Are you sure you do not want to fix it?”

There are cases of a person just wanting to check their teeth but they end up having their cavities filled, teeth extracted, fluoride polishing, and buying high price irrelevant oral hygiene products. It is obvious that some dentists will stop at nothing but to get money from you.

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White Spots

Do you know that before a tooth shows signs of decay it suffers from what dentists call ‘white spot lesions?

4 Common Unethical Dental Practices That You Should Be Aware Of
– White Spot Lesions

Such tooth will have a soft, wax-like texture that appears white. This is, however, the pre-decay stage

Most dentists will not tell you that you can reverse this affected tooth naturally. They will not tell you that with continuous remineralization the tooth will adjust itself to its original state.

Mainly because most people are not aware of the natural method of reversal, dentists tell their patients that they have a cavity that has to be filled.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Another unethical thing done by many dentists is the advice they give patients to opt for a wisdom tooth extraction.

Research has shown that any wisdom tooth which is not disturbing or pushing against your neighborhood teeth is perfectly fine.

If this is not the case there is no reason to extract them, however, this can result in a greater risk of a life-threatening infection which the dentist will not tell the patients about.

The disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Instead, the dentist will tell the patients that having an impacted wisdom tooth will give the opportunity for cavity-causing bacteria which will promote teeth cavities.

It is important to note that the only time you need to remove your wisdom tooth is when it is affecting your neighboring teeth.

If the wisdom tooth is touching against another, it can result in the teeth shifting which means that there will be pain and cutting. When this happens the tooth can be extracted in other cases I should not.

Fluoride Treatments

There is also a tendency of applying fluoride treatment. The fluoride content in the toothpaste is more than enough to protect the teeth.

500 parts per million are the approved and accepted level, although dentists suggest that you pay for fluoride treatments which could cost up to $100 depending on your country or state.

In some cases, the dentist will treat you without telling you and then charge you for it at the end of your session with them.


All of these are just a few of the unethical dental practices used by dentists on you and on many others.

The author of the innovative program Dentist Be Damned by Alice Barnes reveals the many secrets and facts about dentistry that your dentist does not want you to know. She also explains on ways you can reverse your gum diseases and tooth cavities naturally.

By taking good note of this, you can save a lot of dental expenses and you will not have to live at the mercy of your dentist.

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    I would like to know which organism to reach to report a young endodentist “CINDY CASTILLO miami, FL. who refuses to explain her diagnostic…decides from looking at a poor quality xray without doing the proper test that the tooth needed extraction. REFUSED to be present at the follow up visit (where I brought a 3D Scan to view with her so she can show me the decay and justify the diagnostic for extraction…she refuses to look at it,,,,what can be done against her or the visiting cabinet (DENTAL OPTIONS she comes to on mondays) I am tired of being treated so poorly by dentists….