Why Everything You’ve Been Told About Statins And Cholesterol Is Wrong

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People usually don’t understand what dietary fat or cholesterol is. They have accepted certain myths that just aren’t true, like for example that a diet rich in fat is able to cause heart problems. The topic is actually more complicated than it might sound.

There have been numerous performed studies which didn’t connect saturated fats with heart disease, but according to them, omega-3 are beneficial fats, while trans-fats are really bad. Also bad are refined carbs as well as sugar. Sugar is actually the main culprit that you should exclude from your diet. It is present in processed foods, juices, soda etc. as well as refined carbs and flour.

Why Is The Statin Medicine Which Doctors Prescribe To Decrease Our Cholesterol Very Dangerous?

These statins can be extremely dangerous. They can cause many problems to arise like: muscle pain, symptoms similar to Parkinson’s, memory problems, muscle damage etc. They are also known to be able to increase the risk of diabetes for up to 50%!

Statins have some benefits like acting similar to antioxidants in our body and decreasing inflammation. But, unfortunately, the side-effects they cause are more terrifying.

Here, we’re going to present you 7 steps that will help you have optimized levels of cholesterol.

1. Make Sure Your Doctor Performs The Proper Tests

First, it is very important to do the test about particle size. You need to mention it to your doctor in case they don’t tell you that you must do it. It’s good to have a test that will show big particles of cholesterol which are fluffy and light and not small ones.

2. Make Sure You Check If You Have Diabesity Or Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is shown by high triglycerides and small HDL and LDL particles. Diabesity is shown  with a ratio of triglyceride-to-HDL of over 2. Make sure you also ask for an insulin response or glucose-insulin challenge test. The doctor has to check your insulin as well as glucose after you fast. The doctor also needs to check the hemoglobin A1C.

3. Include More Healthy Fats Into Your Everyday Diet

Add more seeds, nuts, wild-caught fish, extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil as well as avocado.

4. Your Diet Needs To Have A Low-Glycemic Load

You should also intake more plants, fiber, omega-3 as well as phytonutrients. Vegetables which don’t contain starch should be of high priority. Include also protein of good quality from nuts, seeds and beans as well as animal protein which is grass fed.  

5. Don’t Skip Exercising

This is especially beneficial if you wish to have cholesterol levels which are optimized. You can even walk for half an hour. If you have experience, use the high-intensity interval training as well as the weight training.

6. You Need To Sleep Well

You must make sure that you sleep at least 8 hours a night. Don’t use the Internet and don’t watch the TV before you go to bed.

7. You Have To Include Proper Supplements

The best ones you can use are:

  • EPA/DHA or Fish oil
  • Vitamin D3
  • Red rice yeast
  • Niacin
  • PGX (a super fiber) or Glucomannan
  • A multi-vitamin
  • Statins, but in a lower dose


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