Old School New Body Review

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Old School New Body Review

Today we are reviewing the Old School New Body Training program, geared towards people over 40 years old. In our Old School New Body Review, you will learn the pros and cons of this program, how much does it cost, what can you expect from purchasing it, if it is a good fit for you, and pretty much every information that will help you make an informed decision.

Old School New Body Review

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Product Name: Old School New Body Training System
Product Type: 100 page eBook + 4 Bonuses
Authors: Steve & Becky Holman and Jack Rowley
Price: $27
Suitable for: Men and Women, 40+


Old School New Body Review

Have you noticed when you stay dehydrated, and you are low on nutrient intake, your skin starts looking duller and more aged than before?

This is because all your body organs, like skin, are directly affected by nutrition. It turns out that well-thought lifestyle modifications based on research can help you to control the process of aging.

You must think of ways on how to possibly stop free radical buildup in your body that leads to fast aging. Old School New Body’s system F4X plan provides you with all the help you need to stop this buildup from happening in your body.

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What is Old School New Body?

Old School New Body Review: Anti Aging Training Method

Old School, New Body, is a training system that is directed towards getting a healthier body mass and slowed aging. It is based on the principle that real efficiency lies in short, hard sessions of exercise rather than longer workout sessions.

Apply this principle with a well-set and disciplined mode of modifications as given in the training system package provided by Old School, New Body, and you are already there.

You can obviously reverse the signs of aging, lose stubborn fat from your body in an effective way, and get a healthier, more youthful appearance that radiates from within with an effective and proven training module.

All you need to do is follow the scientific-based, well-thought guidelines provided in this program and fight the unwanted and harmful effects of fat gain and aging, and you are already there.

Not only do you reverse your signs of aging like fat buildup and weakness, but also you appear more vibrant and energetic, radiating all the youth from the inside out.

Old School New Body training system is based on the S4X training protocol that relies on short and intense sessions of exercise rather than longer workout sessions.

Benefits of using Old School New Body Training System

So, what are the benefits of using the Old School New Body Training System?

  • Regulating Energy Levels: The Old School New Body Training System is made to help you get energized at the best level possible. When you perform a short, fast, and effective workout plan and take care of your exercise, you get to have a better energy level in your body.
  • Reversing Preventable Signs of Aging: There are many preventable signs of aging, such as the appearance of premature fine lines and wrinkles, weight gain, dull skin, and fatigue, which happens because of a bad lifestyle and free radical buildup in the body.

With an effective and well-manageable plan like the Old School New Body Training System, you can get the perfect results in no time.

  • Burning Fat Mass from Body: With age, your body tends to gain excess fat, which can get in the way of your health. When your body is prone to inflammation, it paves the way for excess fat storage.

All the food you consume gets stored in the form of fats. This paves the way for more inflammation and free radical accumulation – this goes like a vicious cycle that is hard to break.

  • Improving Lean Body Mass: The Old School New Body Training System helps in improving lean body mass. When you go through short yet intense workout sessions, your body tends to lose fat quickly, and your muscles go through the process of muscle buildup.

Hypertrophy, which is the formation of bigger muscle cells, paves the way for an improved leaner mass that makes you stronger and youthful.

  • Safe and Effective: Most cardio workouts and gym training sessions are intense and prolonged. They put you at the risk of muscle injury, ligament injury, and more. One imbalanced form or bad attempt at using a machine, and you might get a possible fracture.

On the other hand, the F4X Old School New Body Training System saves you from this trouble. John Rowley – which is a certified trainer – helped develop this program especially for people 40+, taking into consideration this particular age group’s needs.

  • Time-Saving: This type of program is time-saving, which means you don’t have to devote hours just to get healthy and more youthful. You can easily go about your tasks and still get the results you want.

This is specifically built for all adults who are hustling and still want themselves to look more youthful and vibrant.

The benefits of purchasing and implementing the Old School New Body Training program are time-saving, Safe and effective, fills the body with energy, removing fat, and builds muscle at the same time. More importantly, it makes you look younger.

Who can use the Old School New Body Training System?

Technically, the Old School New Body Training System can be used by anyone. This is true because everyone is susceptible to having free radical accumulation in their body.

When this happens, we get a lot of troubling signs such as chronic diseases, pain, tiredness, aging signs, and fat gain.

So, if you are worried about your health and want to protect yourself from these conditions or are already getting some signs, it is best to be proactive by utilizing the knowledge that stems from this program.

The recommended target group for this training system is the age group above 40. Everyone in their middle age wants to age healthily. For that, they want to delay the aging signs as much as they can.

Personally, I do believe these signs of aging come faster in people who don’t take care of their health and follow wrong instructions that lead to faster aging.

Although the Old School New Body Training System is targeting people in the age group of 40 years old and above, this training program can be utilized by every age group – both men and women. Visit the program’s official website to learn more about it.

Who are the people behind the Old School New Body Training program?

Old School New Body Review: Anti Aging Training Method

Steve and Becky Holman together created this program along with the valuable input of fitness expert John Rowley.

They noticed how long workouts and gym sessions were a waste of time as they did not help people in getting any real-time benefits.

Rather, these programs were negatively affecting people by creating more free radicals in the body.

They realized this sad reality and worked their way towards building an effective program that actually works.

Steve Holman

Steve Holman is a known name in fitness over 25 years, being the editor in chief for Iron Man Magazine, writing multiple books on nutrition and weight training, and writing articles on weight loss and fitness, he has been able to spread his knowledge to a vast audience.

Becky Holman

Becky Holman is his wife, who practically implemented the training system developed by them and has gained wow-worthy benefits. She is also a regular contributor to the Iron Man Magazine.

John Rowley

Old School New Body Review: Anti Aging Training Method

John Rowley is an entrepreneur from Florida and has played a big role in the building of the Old School New Body Training System F4X module.

All the fitness experts have contributed their roles in the development of the effective training program.

The Old School New Body Fitness Training system is designed by fitness industry experts Steve Holman, Becky Holman, and John Rowley.

Does this Training Program Really Work? Can You See Results?

The short answer is Yes, this training program works as the module specifically addresses the root cause behind fat gain and other signs of aging.

Rather than following ineffective programs that only temporarily help to get rid of weight, this training process helps you to get quick and efficient results.

Just check at the transformation Becky Holman achieved utilizing the F4X Youth-Enhancing Bodyshaping System for Men and Women.

Becky Holman's transformation

This training program helps you reprogram your body. While you have free radicals from stress, processed foods, a sedentary lifestyle, pollution, smoking, UV radiations, blue light from screens, and a thousand other factors, this program helps to reduce that rate.

The long sessions of workouts add to the free radical buildup in the body. Unlike those sessions, this program will help you sustain a healthy life, plus, you can get anti-aging, body-transforming results in only 90 minutes a week!

The Old School New Body training program simply works. With just 90 minutes per week (that’s 3 x 30-minute sessions) you can get anti-aging, body-transforming results. Click here to secure your copy of Old School New Body.

What is The F4X Protocol?

The F4X stands for Focus 4 Exercise, which is part of the training program. It utilizes moderate resistance training while also focusing on high muscle lethargy for intensity.

It combines the art of Time under Tension with some short rests in between sets. There are four sets of the module for each exercise. In each set, you will be required to do ten reps.

I find this way of exercising pretty effective and time-saving because, unlike long and strenuous workout sessions, I am able to work hard in a short effective way that actually works for me.

The F4X fitness protocol consists of 3 workout levels.

  • F4X Lean Workout: The program’s foundation. It consists of moderate weight training workouts to help you get in shape, feel great and maintain a fit and healthy body.By utilizing the F4X lean workout level for the rest of your life, you will stay healthy, fit, lean and youthfull.
  • F4X Shape Workout: he second level of F4X, a more advance training program. Thei level consists of 3 x 45 – 60 minute workouts per week – instead the 3 x 30 minute workouts the F4X lean workout level. This level is intended for seniors who want to build up some more muscle and shred away all the unnecessary fat.
  • F4X Build Workout: If you goal is to become like a fitness model in your 40s and have that jaw dropping effect on others, then this third level of the F4x training program is for you. The level for men and women who seek top physique.

What Do You Get With Each Purchase?

The Old School New Body training system comes with two main items in the package.

First, there is the Old School New Body PDF book available that works as the main guide for people wanting to follow this module. It consists of 101 pages with quick and effective techniques to help you see results in no time. It covers all the exercises and workouts that are included in the F4X module.

The Old School New Body e-book will help you understand how you may use different dietary supplements for efficient and faster results.

Old School New Body has also a section for the F4X advanced training levels – F4X Shape and F4X Build. As mentioned before, these workouts are what you need to attain the results that you desire.

Old School New Body Review: Anti Aging Training Method

There is also a Quick Start Workout Guide for F4X that helps you get all the benefits you need. This is a quick method to ”cut to the chase” and learn only about the F4X training levels.

Apart from these two resources, with every purchase, you also get access to some well-researched and important bonus e-books such us:

  1. Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets
  2. Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets
  3. Ultimate Health & Happiness Secrets
  4. Ultimate Sex & Anti-Aging Secrets
Old School New Body Review: Anti Aging Training Method
The four bonuses that you get with your Old School New Body Fitness Training Program Purchase.

With your purchase of the Old School New Body Fitness Training Program you get also the F4X quick start guide, plus, 5 free reports: Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets, Ultimate Health & Happiness Secrets, Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets and Ultimate Sex & Anti-Aging Secrets

How Much Does This Cost and Where Can You Buy it?

The Old School New Body Fitness Training Program costs only $27 and includes all the resources mentioned above. It can be purchased from its official website only.

You can get quick and efficient results from this program without spending a lot of money. You can get the Old School New Body training program is purchasable from the original company’s website.

Old School New Body Review: Anti Aging Training Method

Old School New Body Fitness Training Program comes with a no-questions-asked, 60-day, full money-back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose with your choice.

Why Should People Over 40 Trust The Old School New Body Training Program?

  1. Firstly, it is safe and effective. People over 40 often face issues such as lack of time, they think taking care of their health, and things like aging are beyond their control – and even if they are under control, they take too much effort and time.

The plan addresses these issues quite right and tends to help gain the right benefits in time.

  1. Second, it is written by experts in the field. All three of the program’s authors are considered authorities in the health and fitness field.
  1. Third and most important, both Steve and Becky Holman practiced their training program on themselves and the results speak themselves.
Becky and Steve Holman
Becky and Steve Holman utilizing exercises from the Old School New Body training program.

Pros & Cons

Now, let’s summarize the pros and cons of the Old School New Body Training program.


  • The workout options are of high quality.
  • Quick and effective. Only 30 minutes for the Lean section, 45 minutes for the Shape section, and about 60 minutes for the Build section
  • Get and retain beneficial results through only four exercises for an indefinite time.
  • Perfect for all ages and genders – highly safe, even for people who are worried about their joint health.
  • The nutrition plan is well-laid in the books with a well-laid out format, a solid book that essentially works for everyone.
  • Reports and interviews for free guidance and additional info
  • You get a 60-day, 100 percent money-back guarantee


  • Exercises could use some photos for better clarity
  • Supplements could be described in a little bit more detail

For only $20 you can get the best information that will help you achieve anti-aging, body-transforming results with only 90 minutes a week with the Old School New Body Fitness Training Program.

Final Words – Old School New Body Review

To conclude things, I will say I am pretty much in favor of using this training module. Firstly, it dives deep into the root issues. Secondly, it saves time and thirdly, it caters to all aspects of overall health and fitness. Another benefit will be its low cost that really attracts one to use this system.

Visit the Old School New Body Official Website and get the F4X Youth-Enhancing Bodyshaping System for Men and Women for only $27.

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