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Can we reverse ageing and become immortals?

World-renowned ageing expert David Sinclair argues that there is no biological law that imposes ageing while bringing shocking new evidence from his laboratory. He claims to have managed to reverse ageing in mice and believes he can do the same…

This Anti-Aging Juice Rejuvenates The Brain – Research

You can keep your mind “sharp” for more years if you put a healthy and tasty juice in your life! Researchers from Wake Forest University in North Carolina, USA, have discovered that it has a powerful anti-ageing effect and can…

Seeking Longevity? This Is the Fruit You Need To Consume!

One of the winter fruits, which significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and liver cancer, while its frequent consumption protects the body from common colds. Although small in size, they have impressive nutrients: fibervitamin A vitamin Cironpotassiumcarotenephosphoruscalciumfolic…

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